Ciudad de Mexico y El DF: Teotihuacan & The 2nd Largest Pyramid Known to Man

Ciudad de Mexico y El Distrito Federal

6.23.05 Day Two: (Part 7) Teotihuacan: Pyramid of the Sun

After checkin’ out the Plaza at Teotihuacan we deicded to climb (The Pyramid of The Sun) which is the 2nd largest pyramid on earth known to mankind and the largest climable Pyramid on earth. It was actually easier to climb then I thought it would be, but of course we took time to breate as I took pictures at each level.

Originally anthropologists believed that the Pyramid of the Sun was of course a Pyramid as a monument to the Sun God, but it is now believed that it was a Pyramid for the Rain Goddess. The Pyramid contains a system of small tunnels that channels water thru ducts and into massive resivouirs for later use and their are rocks stick out the side of the Pyramid to slow water that travels down the sides of the Pyramid.

Here are some pictures of the description stone, which has yet to be updated with new ideas on the purpose of the Pyramid.

The climb begins…

The view from Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5 (The Top)


2 Responses to “Ciudad de Mexico y El DF: Teotihuacan & The 2nd Largest Pyramid Known to Man”

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