Ciudad de Mexicoy El DF: Mobbin’ in tha City

Ciudad de Mexico y El Distrito Federal

6.23.05 Day Two: (Part 3) Mobbin’ in tha City

Basically after La Plaza de Tres Culturas we headed to La Bisillica pero, we made some stops in the Chauatemoc part of Mexico City first. I spotted a little Graf I wanted to take a pic of, a little sloppy and pieces that had been tagged over and over (possibly by rivals?) but not bad, and then we hit up a Jewlery Store and saw a man named Raphel hand sculpt many designs incorporating indigineous and religious themes. Raphel was a buddy of our guide and Dan was lookin’ to pick up a couple things for his wife and daughter and it was all good.

Bling Bling Suckas.

He gave me this little thing for free. Kinda cool but I dunno what I’ma do with it…it will be a nice dust collector in Tucson.


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