Ciudad de Mexico y El DF: El Zocalo

Ciudad de Mexico y El Distrito Federal

6.22.05 Day One: Traveling

Well last Wednesday through Saturday (about a week ago now, I know I’m slackin’ on the bloggin’) my Uncled Daniel and I took a trip to see Mexico City. About 9 to 10 hours of the first day were spent riding a bus from Jerez to Zacatecas and from Zac to Mexico City.

The bus service wasn’t half bad but I did notice there was no basic security at all. The bus stations had metal detectors but everytime a person walked threw at it would beep becuase of some mettalic object, the man standing by the metal detector in uniform wouldn’t even flinch. This I belive is due to a lack of training about the purpose and use of a metal detector. Then when getting on the buses about half the companys have a uniformed man with a metal detector wand and would run it by your arms and legs and it would beep and they would do nothing. Who knows, maybe they thought it was suppoesd to beep as they wisked it around. Add to that that most bus drivers made random stops to pick up people along the way and would pocket the money for these passengers and it wouldn’t be all that hard to hijack a bus in Mexico.

I did how ever get to see Captain Corellis Mandolin on the bus ride down and it was a great movie (I tought it would suck) but the other movies sucked alot and seemed to run on a theme of historical revisionism with titles such as the most recent King Arthur which had him dealing with Roman catholic bishops in 300 ad when Roman Catholic Bishops didn’t exist, they never explained Excaliber and they pitted him agianst Merlin rather then as his allie. Next up was the overly homo-erotic Scorceses film Alexander. I’m sorry but Alexander the great did not wear mascare, have frosted eyebrows and hair, make out with his entire army and a transvestite and cry every 15 minutes. There also was maybe 2 actual battle senes. For a man whose legacy was war and conquest they deviated from that point of his life for nearly the whole film. They made Collin Farrel into the softest conquer ever to see film. Most insultingly was the fact that they had Rosario Dawson, one of the most beautiful actress in hollywood and resulted her to a four line character who was only useful for walking in on Alexanders awkward embraces with his best friend, thankfully they did at least get her naked in the film, but even that didn’t save this one from being a failure.

6.23.05 Day Two: (Part1) El Zocalo

El Zocalo in DF is basically all the government buildings and is a very interesting spot, I suppose you could liken it to DC’s “Mall”. Alot of the buildings in El Zocalo, the rest of el DF and Mexico City for that matter, are sinking because it all is built on water. What is now Mexico City was once an island with native people on it and as the Aztecs came in and saw the eage with snake in its mouth perched on a cactus and made it their home they filled the Island up quickly. How do you solve the problem of a full holy land? They added more dirt to the island right over the top of the water and the land mass grew. As the Spanish came in to town this continued and more and more dirt was added to the island until we got to where we are today, no more lake and an entire city built on water. So the entire city is floating on water in a very real sense and all is sinking slowly. The Government owns all the land and won’t let you build on it unless you can dig thru the dirt, past the water and into the dirt below it. Kinda nuts.

Not Quite sure what was going on here, but inside the tent was a group protesting something…from what I could figure out they had been there for a few days.


El Palacio Nacional. Benito Juarez, former Mexican President and Mexican Hero used to live here and now part of this building is a museo to his life and legacy. We really wanted to get in here but it was closed for what the guards said was a “state visit”. There is also a gigantic statue of Benito Juarez whose granduer is exemplified by overpasses cradeling the background of the statue that you can see while entering Mexico City from the north. If you don’t know who Benito Juarez is…please look him up. He is the man. He was an Indito Mexicano and wanted to become a Catholic Priest at a young age and was on track to that profession when he learned that the Catholic Church at that time would not allow Indeginous and Mestizo peoples to become men of the cloth only Spanish people and Spanish people born in Mexico of “pure” Spanish blood who were known in Mexico as Criollyos (Cree-Yoy-Yos). Disgusted with the ways of the Catholic Church he devoted his life to education and met some Free Masons in Mexico. The Free Masons took him in and paid for his education and groomed him into an educated man. He then pursued politics and eventually became President of Mexico and falling in line with the Masons belief of freedom of religion and his developed hatred of the Catholic church he led a political and social movement to regain power over land and politics from the Catholic Church. Outraged, the Spanish and conservative Catholic Elite contacted Nepolian with plans to colonize Mexico to the French. Nepolian declaired his brother emporer of Mexico and he rolled in and set up shop and Juarez had to flee for his life. Juarez fled but remained in contact with friends in Mexico and about 7 years later returned with an arm of Mestizos, Indians, and even some Spainsh born in Mexico and overthrew the French rule of Mexico and took back the country and his seat as President. Very interesting story.

La Bellas Artes


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