La Capital Volumen 5 (Batman Inicia)


During our day in Zacatecas, Zacatecas we decided to catch a movie. Mi Novia told me that Batman Begins would be playing in Mexico on wednesday, but I honestly doubted it would be playing in Zacatecas. To my surprise and delight it was playing, and Dan, Ingrid, Debbie and I checked it out. I gotta say it is mos def the best Batman movie ever, and quite possibly the best super hero comic book movie ever. I can’t think of anything that beats it. X-Men and X2 were good but not better, Spider-Man was good but not better, The Blade Trilogy, The old Superman series, The Punisher, Daredevil all good but not better then Batman Begins (In mexico its called Batman Inicia). One of the best parts of Batman Inicia was that it completly disregarded all other Batman films ever made (thank you for putting that all behind us). The Batmobile in this movie is the coolest and most plausable Batmobile ever. The film is written intelligently and in line with the comic. I can’t wait for the sequal. If you haven’t seen this yet…go see it. It’s worth the $8.50 or whatever rip off price your local theatre is chargin’ nowadays.


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