La Capital Volumen 2 (La Bufa)


After checkin’ out the old part of La Ciudad se Zacatecas, we hopped a cab to Cerro de La Bufa. La Bufa is basically a name for a oddly shaped hill atop a mountain in Zac. Named “La Bufa” by Spanish colonizers, La Bufa translates to an Ox Blatter, which was a popularly eaten body part by the Spanish at that time. During La Revolucion de Mexico Pancho Villa used La Bufa as a hideout and later as a fortress. The old fortress, complete with a small one room church is now a mueso of the Revolution.

There are also statues of Mexican Revolution heroes Francisco Pancho Villa, Felipe Angeles, and last but not least Panfilo Natera. Besides the Museo, there is a trail that runs along one side of La Bufa and leads to a “Mausoleo De Los Hombres Ilustres de Zacatecas”, basically a spot to keep the dead bodies of some of Zacatecas’ most og og’s.

La Bufa also provided the best views of Zacatecas and its twin city Guadalupe. The two have grown into eachother and unless you know the border of the cities you could go from one to the other and not know it. Zacatecas is very big and also very densely populated.

La Bufa.

General Panfilo Natera.

Francisco Pancho Villa.

Pancho y Felipe.

General Felipe Angeles.

Pancho y Yo.

Dead people chillin’…



Views from La Bufa of Zacatecas, Zac.

Las espalsas de mi Tio Dan y mi Prima Ingrid.

Where the trail ends.

Pancho’s Fortress…

Me behind a cannon used by Pancho y los Revolucionarios Norteños.

En el Museo…

This is a letter written to the wife of Panfilo Natera thanking her for supporting her husband throughout that war and contributing to his success as a leader en La Revolucion.



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