Cholo & The Kids.

Every tuesday is the “Kids Club” where my Tio Dan and mi prima Ingrid, along with the other missonary family, the Schierkolks, go out to a specific barrio and meet up with neighborhood kids. Here we play games like dodge ball, futbol and others and then teach them a story from the bible about Jesus Christ. My family in Jerez, and the Schierkolks, work as Luthern Missonarys but the information they teach the children about Jesus is non-denominatiol and could apply to Catholisism or anyother religion that belives in Jesus Christ as the son of god.

So yeh, I tag along every tuesday and today I brought my camera and took some pictures, then Carolina (a little girl from the barrio that reminds me so much of my good friend Cazandra) took over with photography duties and started takin’ the pics. Basically, if the picture contains people and Carolina isn’t in the picture then she took it. I took all the random stuff like dirt, bricks and trucks. I am going to print out these pictures and give them to the kids next week, I think there gonna get a kick out of that. Anyways, here are the pictures from today.

La Calle…

The next 3 are of a house next to the garage where we do the kids club, that is slowly being built.

Shit in the corner.


Carolina y Rubi.

Carolina took this picture of me.

A kid whose name I can’t remember and alfredo.

The one picture of my Tio Dan & Ingrid and shes punching him in the gut and he’s hitting her in the head with a sitck. Not the best example for the kids…

Rubi and JJ from good times.

Solados. I dig old trucks.

El Arrbarote, next to the garage. This one was taken by Carolina. Notice el Perro. He’s the barrio dog who nobody claims but everybody takes care of, they call him “Cholo”.

Caro takin’ a picture of her neck.

Caro takin’ a way to close picture of her face.



1 Response to “Cholo & The Kids.”

  1. 1 Aaron June 15, 2005 at 7:18 pm

    Great story and pics here. Love to hear about how you participate in these events, if you are evangelizing, whether or not you believe in their teachings, and how you feel about what they are doing.
    I enjoy reading about all your adventures south of the border.

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