Domingo: Concierto en El Parque Centro

Every sunday in the park in the center of town a music group plays a free concert. Tonight was a 9 female group (con un Maestro), all sang and played the guitar (one played a standing bass). The music was mostly corridos and romanticas. Good shit. Good time. The park is not that big and was pretty populated tonight, but most the people are outside the park, walking around. As tradition and mating ritual here girls walk one direction around the park, and guys walk the other direction. If a guy digs a girl, he hollas and if she digs him she will stop and talk, otherwise she keeps walking around. The girls get dressed up quite fancy and the guys get dressed up like Charros or like G’s. The Charro culture is very alive in Jerez, and it is more common to find high school boys doing rope tricks in the street then playing baskeball or even futbol.

After the concert ended, I rolled over to the edificio municipal, here is some mural art in said building.

El Escudo de la Ciudad de Jerez.

These 2 guys got their paintings up, not sure what they did, but it must have been important.

Ice grillin’ son.

I think he carried Calendario’s weed.


El Escudo de Xerez (X=original spelling).


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