Lost & Found.

So this morning I get out the shower and am tryin’ to figure out which pair of boxers will best match my tan dickies and yellow shirt. Yes I always match my boxers to my clothes, and no it’s not just because 85 to 90 percent time people around me can see my boxers, and so I pull a pair out and see something peeking out behind my stack of boxers and undershirts. Fuck if I didn’t find my wallet.

Yeah. My wallet.

The one I lost about 2 days ago and after seaching the entire house (except for behind my boxers and undershirts) and the last place I ate and the street route I took to get their and my uncles Astro van, here it was all this time. Not a thing missing, since it must of fell out of my back pocket when I put my pants up for the night.

So I didn’t get stole on. Which is nice.

Today I also got hit on by a lady who resembled Magda from “There’s Something About Mary”, over tanned skin, saggy boobs, blonde hair and bright lip stick. She was playing scrabble at the house with Aunt Debbie, Lois (an older lady who was Amish then lived in Mexico since she was 19), Carmel (a canadian with every disease possible and a dry funny wit), and Ingrid (my cousin). As soon as I sat down at the table she started talking to me and asking me my age, about my family, how long I’d be in town, what I did while here etc etc. She then started saying how handsome I was and if I’d noticed the girls of Jerez. I told her I had but that I had a girl, and Debbie said in a stern voice “HE’S TAKEN”. Magda then said “out of sight, out of mind”, and I returned with, “shes out of sight but shes on my mind all day”. Magda then said “oh that won’t last, some of the women here are so desperate, you better watch yourself! I bet their bitin’ at you already!”

Magda then told me about some hot springs up the road about 2hours away and how “the water is clean and warm, theres even waterfalls where you can let the water trickle slowly down your chest, back, and arms. I go sometimes, would you be down?”. Yes, she said the word down. The springs sounded nice but I kinda felt like she was half way hittin’ on me. Not sure, awkward none the less.

I also went to my first ever Soo Bahk Do class, it was awesome. I might actually pick this up, and little did I know but my friend Dan is a national heavyweight champion in Soo Bahk Do, so maybe when I get back to Tucson he can kick the shit out of me Soo Bahk So style. He also competed with my cousin Ingrid about 3 years ago before meeting me and we never knew all this till about yesterday. The North American Continent just got smaller.


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