This morning I realized I lost my wallet. After searching the house, and the places I’ve been in the last 24 hours it hasn’t come up. Either its lost, or more likely I got pick pocketed.

To be honest, I ain’t even mad at it.

Assuming I got jacked, which seems like that is what happend…I hope who ever has my id, school id, debit card, and about $1,500.00 pesos ($150 usd) has a good time with it. I hope that he or she buys there family some food, or takes their friends out for a night on the town.

If they sell or use my id’s so as to get somebody into the usa, then damnit I hope they have a good time and work hard and make some money in the usa. Maybe someday return to Los Estados Unidos de Mexico and build a house a live a good long life in peace. Gettin’ jacked is not gangster.

I hope that my small beat up wallet can be a positive steal. I needed a new wallet anyway.


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