Pictures of downtown and my street in Jerez

These first two are of a catholic church that I walk by everyday.
It is gorgeous inside and out, don’t know the name of the church
yet, but I’ll find out and post it.

This is right across the street from the above church, from what
I can figure out, it used to be a convesary (spot where nuns live)
but some years back it became a library. I dig the architecture.

This is a small plaza, usually more packed but I took this one
earlyer in the day, and people weren’t out much yet.

Francisco García Salinas, a famous poet from Jerez,
which is why Jerez changed its name from Jerez to
Jerez de García Salinas. This painting is about 20ft tall
and located in a government building downtown.

Most signs for business and streets are painted on.
I can’t recall seeing a light up sign as in the states
in Jerez except for Pollo Feliz which is located near
the edge of town. There are also alot of political signs
painted in town and stores paint logos of the products
they sell on their buildings as well (i.e. turtle wax, pepsi).

A street. The bright green bug is ill. Volkswagen Beetles
were produced in Mexico till 2003. A 2003 Beetle went
for about 6 grand new. There all over the place and
it has always been built as the same car since the 60s
when it first came out.

The stripe on the wall is fuckin straight as possible.

Empty lot between houses downtown. There is not alot
of empty space in downtown. So to see this is rare.
Eventually somebody will build a house or a store here,
but I liked the look of nature enclosed in these walls.

Where I lay at. The sign above the door says “6”.

5 next to 6.


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